I believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, because I also believe that we are product of our own environment and it's important to have one that enhances who we truly are.

I have been designing and styling spaces for over a decade, from rental apartments, through to large luxury homes and boutique commercial spaces and I use a combination of creativity and intuition to create relaxing and beautiful spaces, that promote sustainability and wellness.

By having a space that is relaxing and peaceful, boosts happiness, increases productivity, enhances our wellbeing and reduces stress.

Combining reflective finishes such as brass, glass and mirror and with natural materials and textures, such as stone, concrete, linen, rustic timbers and rattan - I describe my style as Boholuxe, which is simply relaxed luxury living or spaces that feel like holidays.  Using my signature style, I've designed and styled homes for Lorna Jane,  Lisa Messenger,  Jane Lu, Not So Mumsy,  Base Body Babes,  Zala Hair Extensions,  The Mez Club and Zia Kitchen, creating beautiful and functional spaces to relax, work and entertain.

You can shop some of my favourite pieces below to create that holiday look and feel in your very own home!