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Not So Mumsy Office Makeover

   Now our working environments are massively changing, I thought I'd share an Office Makeover that I created for Marcia Leone from Not So Mumsy. Marcia and I have worked together for the last few years on her home, which I styled to create a peaceful and calm sanctuary for her and her family. This time she was after an office that she could use to showcase her new clothing label and work on her latest book, so I took inspiration from her famous blog and also her feminine energy to create this palm springs / moroccan inspired office look....

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Crystal Bailey Interior Stylist

My ultimate bed styling tips!!!!

I’m always being asked for my bed styling tips, so here’s some to make your bed look and feel AMAZING!!! 1. UPSIZE YOUR QUILT If you have a queen bed, buy a king quilt and cover, so that your quilt hangs over the frame and touches the floor. Use a thicker quilt so that you can roll or fold the top of the quilt, I buy the 2 in 1 from @sheridanaustralia . 2. CUSHIONS + PILLOWS Add 2-3 Euro cushions (60 x 60cm) along the back of the bed to create fullness and luxury. Then add your 2 x...

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Crystal Bailey | Bell Tent Glamping

I am officially glamping!!!

I DID IT!!! 
All by myself pretty much, I pitched a tent for the first time and built a bucketload of flat packed furniture - it was the one things that would fit into this tiny space living!
But here I am glamping on my parents farm with my kids, during this crazy time! I chose to connect with nature and my family in the country!
I also wanted to tick off a bucketlist dream of mine to go glamping, and live somewhere unique, creating my own magical world from scratch.

I could have chosen to move into a house, but I thought it would be fun to give my kids an experience they haven't had before, while still being close to my parents place!

I'm also OBSESSED with tiny houses and the tiny house movement - maybe it's time to start a village of bell tents in the bush and teach people how to shift their business online in an online business bootcamp!!! #mymindisalwayscreating

But honestly I also wanted to inspire people that it's not about all the things that you have or what you do, it's about WHO YOU ARE!

Who are you without all the things???

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Crystal Bailey | Life in Bali

Life in Bali!

Well if this wasn't the most unplanned adventure I've ever had - I don't know what is!!!

See... the whole Bali trip was definitely not on the cards for me whatsoever, until last October 2019, when I was offered a free scholarship to an event (like the week before) It was School holidays and I had both of my boys in my apartment, so it couldn't have been at more challenging time to decide to leave them with my family and head over to Bali for this event!

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This is a collection that is designed to take all the stress out of styling your home and transform it into one that feels like your on a holiday!!

The reason I created this collection (which I actually came up with the concept about a year ago) because people often neglect their bedrooms! Why? Because it's the last place that people see when they entertain and it's always the most forgotten about space in the home!

In actual fact, it should be the first, because people are needing to recharge in their bedrooms more than ever! The average person is working about 48 weeks of the year and spends about 9 hours out of the 24 in their bedroom recharging. 

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