Design your life


I've so many people ask me daily about how I was able to rebuild my life in just 12 months, after going through some significant changes that impacted every area of my life and honestly it all began with changing my mindset! If you follow me on instagram, you'll know more about my story.
By learning to shift my mindset, I began to think differently and moving slowly out of the space that I was in. I also knew deep down that there was a better way to do business and life, when I saw everyone really using the online space. I would see people travelling the world and here I was, barely getting any time to go on a holiday for the weekend! I was really wanting to be able design my day and my life - having more time to really get do to do the things that I love doing! ( which is styling and travelling )
So I found the most authentic way to do that. I invested into myself and my future and my life dramatically changed for the better. My wildest dreams came true and it allowed me to move into my dream home by the sea, then move to Bali, renovate my own villa and have the ability to work from anywhere in the world!
I've realised the importance of having a personal brand and several passive revenue streams online - I listen to way too much Jenna Kutcher and Gary Vee! But it's so true! We often put all of our eggs in the one basket and when the basket falls, the eggs smash! Imagine a few baskets with a few eggs in there! (no eggs were hurt I promise)
It's the new way of doing business and it's actually never been easier, once you understand it. 
So I am now sharing my secret formula to creative women who want more, who want to design their lives and expand their own businesses online too! I am personally mentoring 2-3 creative entrepreneurial women every month to partner with me on how to have a few baskets with a few eggs in them (eggs are a symbol for money in case you haven't caught on yet) 
If you want to Design your life, well this is rare opportunity to work with me! There's not many out there sharing their knowledge and secrets for free, once you invest into your very own business. 
If your ready to design your life and invest into yourself, your future and have me as your personal branding and online business coach, please contact me HERE