Interior Styling Service


I believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful space to thrive and recharge in. We are such products of our environment, so if our environments aren't created to suit our personalities and who we are - it really does make a massive impact on our lives.
I love creating spaces that are holistic, full of life and designed to suit exactly what my clients have always dreamed of! I work closely with my clients and the brief and if I feel the need to enhance or adapt - I will suggest alternatives to maximise the use of space, functionality and also inject personality, so it's not just a carbon copy of another space.
My signature style is BOHOLUXE. It simply means to be relaxed with a touch of luxury! It's often referred to as Modern Boho, Mediterranean, Modern Coastal or island paradise, but to me, the BOHOLUXE style is one that is timeless and created to make my clients feel as if everyday is a holiday! 
There are 5 stages on how I work on my Design and Styling Projects
Our first online meeting will be to get an understanding of the space your wanting to create. Your visions and images of spaces that have inspired you. I often do visualisations with my clients if they feel comfortable to really tap into what their dream space looks, feels and sounds like! I will look at floor plans, measurements, create ideas and form a solid foundation of what your wanting to achieve. This consultation will be done online to speed up the process, make it affordable and give me a well rounded overview of the spaces via skype, pinterest and a a survey beforehand.
This is probably going to be the part that excites you the most, because it's all about bringing your space to life! The design guide will show you concepts of the spaces, colour palette, digital finishes and furniture that are designed to suit your budget and style!
We take care of ordering the selected pieces from our suggested suppliers and co-ordinate the deliveries, as there can be several lead times which can take between 4-12 weeks. You will also have access to exclusive discounts, which is one of the benefits of working with me.
This is where we will turn your house into a home! It's the final step in sourcing the vases, candles, books, cushions, throws and just pieces that tie it altogether and finish it off! This can either be done in a shopping day together or online.
This is one of my favourite parts! The whole space becomes styled to perfection to inject life and personality into the space. The attention to detail and vision for turning spaces into holidays, will leave you with the most beautiful environment that you will LOVE and recharge in for a very long time!
For more information or enquires, get in touch with me below or fill out my Styling Questionnaire by clicking HERE.