Did you renovate and style your home and wished that you could make a business out of it? Did you study at Design School and graduate only to find that you had to get another job, because there wasn't any work in the industry? Or did you get a job working for someone else and you just want to work for yourself? Well now is the time to start your own business, work for yourself, have fun along the way with a like minded community and I am going to show you how with BUSINESS CLASS!

I'm going to fast you from zero to hero in just 6 weeks, with my 6 week course and my first hand experience over the last decade of working as a Designer, Stylist and Small business owner in the industry! I will be sharing with you, everything that you need to start your own creative business in the best possible way!  This is EVERYTHING that they won't teach you in Design Schools. I have been mentoring and coaching design graduates, small business owners and creative entrepreneurs for the last 6 years and now it's time to help you get your very own business launched in 6 just weeks! 

So are you ready to work for yourself and start a business, doing what you love this year?


This is for anyone who has studied design or decorating, anyone who has renovated their own homes (I'm talking to you, you freaking talented stay at home mumma that wants to become a creative entrepreneur and start her own business) or knows the basics of styling your home and wants to actually make it a business this year! 


You will actually learn the most important thing in the world.

Success comes down to 80% of the stuff that's going on inside of your mind and 20% of what you actually do! So basically, the reason most people study, spend so much time and money - even giving up their old jobs in the full-time job world to study, NEVER actually go out and land their dream job -  because it all comes down to MINDSET! 

In the next step, I will be teaching you the foundations of starting your Styling Biz! From coming up with a name or using your own, through to your logo, branding, designing a basic website with images of you and your work (or your homework will be to style and capture your work.) Then through to the actual 'business basics' of registering your biz and getting your fees, templates and structure established - This is honestly the most confusing part and what I help people the most on!!! Next is your marketing plan, setting up your social media for success and really being intentional with your time and energy, so you're still have fun and attracting your ideal clients!


We are going to celebrate the end of 6 weeks together with a GRADUATION PARTY ALTOGETHER! #covidsafe2021


You will get here, what you won't get anywhere else. 

Support from like minded Stylists and Designers, who completely understand where you are at on the journey! We will be able to work closely together over the 6 weeks, to make sure you not only stay on track, but have fun along the way! It will take about one hour a day to watch a training video, implement the tasks and tick off the checklist - BUT HOW GOOD IS THAT FEELING! 

Each week, you will be given 1 x 60 minute training videos every Friday after at 5pm AEDT, 3 weekly x tasks to complete and a 60 minute LIVE call with the team every wednesday at 7pm AEDT, so you can ask me anything, get pumped up, motivated and back on track to finishing the course! I am your official Business Coach for your Styling Biz!!! You will also have daily support in the Business Class Community too, so you'll never have to feel alone on this journey! We are in this together!!!

At the end of the 6 weeks, IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!! Trust me, you and I will be needing a wine ;) JOKES! but honestly, how good is a celebration at the end of a journey and the start of the new one! 

I will be organising a MEMBERS GRADUATION PARTY in Sydney in March at Hotel Ravesis in Bondi and for the BUSINESS CLASS PLUS MEMBERS, you will ALSO be having a 4 hour workshop with me and my team at my very own home in Bondi Beach to create a personalised GAME PLAN for 2021! (There's a few extra bonuses in there for Business Class Plus!)

So you'll definitely be getting ALOT in this course! My goal is to make sure that you get real results at the end of the 6 weeks!

This course is valued at over $3000 with everything that you will be getting, but I have made it as affordable as possible for you to get started for only $599, which works out to be $100 a week over the 6 weeks! That's all you will pay for a high level creative business coaching program!!! WHOAAAA!


Upgrade To Business Class Plus, With 60 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls With Me Every Week For 6 Weeks!

This is the ULTIMATE package for anyone needing extra support to get your business launched and land your first client! Fast track all the lessons I have learned to get started in my business and launch your business with the full support of a Qualified Designer and Stylist, who has been coaching women and small business owners for the last 4 years! 

  • 6 x 60 minute private 1:1 Coaching Calls with me to get you launched in the most powerful way!
  • 6 weeks of unlimited private access to me on What's app to ask any questions
  • 12 month Personalised Game Plan to keep you on track
  • 4 Hour Private Workshop with me at Cabana Bondi in March 2021
  • Work 1:1 with me and my team on CB&CO Interior Design & Styling Projects in 2021



Is this course live or can I watch it later?

This course is pre-recorded, so you can watch the training videos at anytime! I would suggest if you can invest an hour a day into learning and implementing, it's the best business habit to get into - one hour of power! But I also get it, if you are a busy mumma or have a lot on the go, you can watch it and work on it at your own pace. 
I will still be there LIVE each week for the 6 weeks in the zoom Q&A call to be able to support you through it and I will run one each fortnight afterwards for 6 weeks, so you can get launched in 12 weeks.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the trainings, support group, materials - pretty much everything besides the weekly Q&A team calls after the 6 weeks, but you can always ask questions in the Business Class Community, you will always be supported!

Can I do this course if I have never studied before?

If you know the basics of styling, you can totally do Business Class! This will teach you how to build moodboards so you can launch your e-styling service and work from home doing something that you are good at and that you LOVE! If you have studied courses elsewhere or have done my Styling Masterclass series, that has the foundations of Styling in there too! Business Class is for ANYONE WHO LOVES STYLING!!! If you are always doing it for a hobby or side hustle, it's time to turn it into a business!!!

How much support will I get along the way?

This is exactly why I created Business Class!!! TO SUPPORT YOU TOWARDS YOUR GOALS!!! There isn't many courses, schools or classes that will guide your through your business, branding, client process and marketing. I saw this gap in our industry and after working in the design industry for a decade, I realised that there aren't any Interior Design & Styling Coaches and the number one thing I craved, was structure and support towards my goals!! So you will not only get daily support in our community, but weekly support in the team Q&A calls! We become a little Business Class Fam and if you can make it to the LIVE party in March, we will all get to meet up in person!

What if I can't keep up during the 6 weeks?

That's so fine! We will still be able to work together each fortnight in the Q&A team calls for the following 6 weeks. So you can also do Business Class over 12 weeks to take the pressure off and watch the training videos when it suits you, eg.  when the kids are asleep or on the weekends when you aren't working.
My goal is to have you confident, streamlined and launched even if we stretch it out to the 12 weeks. I believe in you and I know you can do it!

Is this course worldwide or just for Australia?

Business Class can be done worldwide! It is recorded in English, but the foundations for Mindset, Branding, Digital Marketing, Portfolio building, can all be used to launch your business from anywhere in the world. I am currently working with International clients, designing spaces digitally all over the world, so you can really learn the power of working digitally with your services.

Will I get my first client after this course and know what to do?

If you implement all of the training, ask questions and show up with 100% belief in what you do, then absolutely you will!!!

I can't guarantee that you will get your first client, but with everything you are going to learn, you will be set up for success! I will give you a guide on what to do with your first client, so you will be confident to work with them and any questions you have, you will be supported in our Business Class community!

If I miss out, are you going to be running this course again?

As much as I would LOVE to say yes right now, I am working on scaling my own businesses and balancing it with time out, so the next Business Class at this stage will be in February 2022.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email as I would really LOVE to help you get your business launched and you working for yourself this year!