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Over the last decade of styling, I have seen the mental, physical, financial and emotional benefits of working with me to make your home a space to recharge and relax in. I have seen kids behaviour change, improved relationships, gained clarity, quality sleep and people entertaining more, because their house looks and feels amazing!

Doesn't matter what you spent on renovations or if you're renting or buying, if the couch is in the wrong spot, the rug is too small or the artwork is hung in the wrong area, it just doesn't look or feel quite right. 

I believe that a house is like giant jigsaw puzzle, so a big part of what I do, is move it around and add the missing pieces in, to make the puzzle is complete and that's when your house feels like a home!

Your home should tell a story of who you are, so it's more of a personalised puzzle ;)

Introducing The Home Makeover Package!!!

This is the answer to the unfinished house, where I personally work one on one with you to create your dream home or you could say, personalised puzzle!

Here's what you will get :


90 minute online workshop

We first start with a one on one online workshop session, where we walk through the different areas of your space and get an understanding of what it currently looks and feels like like, + what your dream home would look and feel like + your budget + timeframe + together we prioritise pieces that you will need to complete it! 


3 x digital room concepts

Then I create a style guide look book of what you will need to finish it off with furniture and decor pieces that you can choose to purchase before I visit or it could even be scheduling a declutter day to remove some of the pieces you don't need before we style it up!


One full day of styling your home

This is the day of the home makeover!!!! It is SO MUCH FUN, because we go through the areas of the home that we workshopped and purchased items for and style it up baby~! It could be the bedroom, lounge room, dining, study etc! You will have beautifully refreshed spaces that look and feel amazing in the jam packed day of styling your home!!!

So to sum it up, this is what you'll get when we work together to create your dream home:

- Digital Workshop Session 

- Recording of that session with styling ideas and tips for your home

- Personalised Style Guide for 3 - 4 rooms to show what your spaces will look like

- Emails and calls with me to refine the pieces for the shopping list

- I will order the pieces in if they are from boutique suppliers or you can pick them up or order online if they are from discount stores and big chain suppliers.

- Home Makeover Day, which will be about 8-9 hours of styling areas of your home to finish it off and make it look AMAZING! 

- You will also learn how to keep it beautiful with my styling tips and secrets that I share along the way of us working together!

Best part is that this we will have SO MUCH FUN and your home will look and feel incredible!

I've lowered the cost for the home makeover package to only $1990, as I believe that everyone deserves to have a beautiful home on any budget.

Working with a stylist will save you money in the end, as I often can work with what you have, you won't be buying pieces that you don't need and you will end up with a house that feels like a home much faster and less stressful than if you do it yourself.

I am only releasing a handful of these special Home Makeovers, so don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

(Please note that Home Makeovers may incur a travel fee if outside the 30km radius from Sydney and Byron area and may also have an additional cost if extra labour is required, but we can discuss that during the online workshop session.)

Can't wait to work with you to create your dream home!!!