The Interior Styling Business School


Why I want to help you!

I studied over 10 years ago and I absolutely nailed my diploma!!! I spent over $20 000 for the year studying design and then I graduated with a newborn baby, so I ended up working downstairs at a bakery and didn't know how to start a styling business. I didn't know what to charge and how to structure my business to make it profitable. It was still a side hustle for a very long time. 

I began my start in the industry, when I launched my business Design Twins and over the following few years, I opened 3 large retail stores, one of them even in Los Angeles! We knew how to create a culture and taught others how to start their own creative businesses too! 

After I went solo, I mentored 100 women last year to start their own online business - before I knew covid was coming, I could sense from design twins that the world was moving digital and online.

I am a big beleiver in sharing what's working and what's not, so this year I mentored 8 women one on one to start their own design and styling businesses and I realised that more people were like me. They had finished studying or thought that studying a design diploma would get them a job in the industry. They also didn't know how to monetize their social media following, so I mentored them on that too!

Over the last decade of being a full-time self employed stylist and a small business owner, I have done it all!

I have worked as a stylist for magazines, been featured in magazines, been a stylist for TV shows, owned my own furniture stores, released my own wholesale collection which was stocked worldwide, designed and styled spaces across Australia for some of the countrys top female CEO's, grew a social media account to 200 000 followers, current one has 70 000 and now I am teaching others how to style their homes and get paid to do what they love, by starting their own styling business!!! 

It's time to take your styling career from a side hustle to a full time career with long lasting success! Our industry is booming, everyone needs help with their homes and there's never been a better time to start! 

LET'S DO THIS! Let's get your starting your styling business in March 2021, where you can finally get paid to do what you love and help others bring ther spaces to LIFE!