Who wants to go shopping to all of my secret places in Sydney, learn how to style their homes like a pro and have the BEST DAY EVER in a Styling Bus with lunch at one of my favourite places???

Styling your home isn't a destination, it's actually a journey of finding those perfect pieces to complete your home and If you are someone who has a home that needs a few things here and there to make it look and feel beautiful - well you are going to want to come on this unique experience!

With Masterclasses, Styling Services and Showrooms all going virtual, I wanted to do the complete opposite, with a unique one off experience!

We are going to have so much fun teaching you how to style all the different areas of the home in each of my secret store locations along the way!!!

I'm also keeping it covid safe with a limit of just 19 tickets available, so don't miss out

WHEN : Friday August 7th  

TIME : 10am - 5pm

COST : $499


  • There will be a GOODIE BAG on arrival.
  • Sit back and relax on the 20 seater STYLING BUS, taking us to 10 SECRET LOCATIONS with my Styling tips along the way!
  • All expenses paid LUNCH at one of my favourite places in Sydney
  • CHEESE + WINE at one of the secret shopping locations!
  • Access to my little black book of TRADE DISCOUNTS!!!
  • All day PERSONAL STYLING MASTERCLASS in the secret locations and me as your personal Interior Stylist for the day!
  • You will also leave with my STYLE GUIDE, so you know how to style your spaces when you arrive back home
  • AAANNNDDD.... I really want to support you as much as I can afterwards, so you'll be part of my STYLING SQUAD COMMUNITY, where you can upload your pics into a group and we can work together on finishing off your home!


I want make sure it's the best day for you and most importantly that you have fun, because Styling your home should be!!!

Once you purchase your ticket, you'll be emailed the secret meeting location in Sydney with a Treasure Map and a Styling Questionnaire, so I can get an understanding of you, what you're wanting to learn and if you need help finishing off your home. 

Then I will bring you into The Styling Squad community, so we can all get to know each other leading up to the day.

I am super excited about this, can't you tell? It's a dream come true for me, to be able to take you on this unique VIP experience, teach you how to become your own mini stylist and help you to bring your home to LIFE!!!